Be Seen and Known

In his article Why do I think that community is so important for Inspired Entrepreneurs? author Nick Williams states there are 7 reasons for the importance of community. Reason 4 particularly strikes a chord for us at Clarity Tribe. Nick says:

We need to be seen and known – in community, other people see our gifts and talents, let us know what they see, and help us see ourselves in ways that we may not see ourselves. The African concept of Ubuntu says, “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

This is precisely the aim of Clarity Tribe. We want to share with each other, reflect back, learn and celebrate ourselves as individuals and as a community. We All win! Please share your comments, thoughts and ideas with us!


One thought on “Be Seen and Known

  1. Jacqui Cullen 18 February 2011 / 2:32 pm

    I really like what Nick has written here, especially point 6 which says to “be inspired by each other”. As we grow into pioneers and succeed we do become the leaders for all else to follow. Inspiration cannot help but to spread out to those around you and in turn, you become the inspiration!
    I can verify this myself as I am truly surrounded by inspirational people.Someone not so very far away from where we are now…

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