All Things Have Value

As the people of Fort McMurray fled wildfires, individuals across Canada asked themselves, “How can I help?”

Donating money was the easiest option for those who had it. Volunteer time seemed most precious and challenging to offer, especially for those who lived outside a reasonable distance from where all hands-on-deck were needed.

Most people (myself included) found they had plenty in their homes that was not being used: clothing, linens, utensils. A desire to help motivated us to pack all of those gifts and give from the heart, to those who had lost so much.

I am pleased when effort is made to organize things, and a list is put out to detail what is required. I find it disturbing when ‘experts’ decide these items have no value, because they are difficult to sort through. If it’s too much work for charitable organizations to deal with, then leave out the middle man and let the people in need pick through it themselves. Only they know what they can or cannot use.

There have been times in my life when I had nothing; when used clothes or even an old lawn chair would have been so graciously received. People who are used to owning many things have no idea how the offer of one humble item can give hope and brighten the world of an individual who can make worthwhile use of it.

All things have value to someone.

I donated clothes with the labels still on, shoes I never wore, blankets I never used – I hate to think they may have been destroyed. I keep reminding myself to trust they will make their way to those who will value them.

We should not let the blindness of those that get in the way by judging things unusable, to stop us from giving.

Meanwhile, let’s vow to be more discerning in what we acquire and accumulate; to ensure that all things we have, we value; and going forward, that the value is preserved for others to enjoy after us.

All Things Have Value © May 14, 2016 | Annie Zalezsak


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