The Unfolding (a Poem)

The Unfolding

First he stirs,
this way and that
nothing feeling right.

Not knowing which way to go
he moves blindly ahead
not seeing, not hearing just moving.
Not hearing a sound, he misses all opportunity to learn.
Blindly going about his day like the living dead,
unaware of the treasures around him, of the song in the air.
Unaware of the needs of others. Even his own needs ignored.

Then one day he awakens,
a sense that something’s not right.
What it is he does not know…

Yelling out to God he screams that “life is not fair”.
How could he leave him abandoned when he needed him most.
How could he let him live in a world full of pain.
Surely there must be more to life than this, otherwise, what would be the point.
And although he is awake, he still does not see.
He continues to blame others, to blame God, to blame the world.
You see, he feels that he plays no part in creating the life he has.
He feels helpless, powerless to make an impact. He has become pitiful.

Carrying so much baggage with him he continues on, feeling more and more
laden with responsibility, hate and pain. Bitterness has become his companion,
loneliness his guide. His light slowly fizzing out. His eyes blank and dead!

And then he knows.

He sees for the first time his life as he has created it.
He sees that the pain and sorrow he carries, is his own.
Something inside has changed. No longer the victim he lifts himself up,
creating a life that shines so bright that others are attracted to him
and want to learn how they, too, can create this life.

They too want to know… and on it goes, spreading far and wide.
More and more people rejoicing in…

The Unfolding of Truth!