Life is About Creating Yourself

Are we all born as a blank canvas?

It doesn’t matter. We create and re-create ourselves over and over as we go through life. I know that I have wanted to, on many occasions, re-invent myself, change my life, write a new story.

I am a work in progress. I have no idea what it will look like in the end, but I am intending it to be a masterpiece. My life may be like an abstract painting that causes viewers to raise an eyebrow or screw up their face in confusion or shake their head in disbelief.

But it’s my palette, my choice of media, my relevant colours.

I assert my right to splash and splatter the paint in any fashion that feels most ‘me’. I will not be to everyone’s taste and that’s okay. It’s more than okay. It demonstrates my unique, one-of-a-kind-ness. I do not want my life to be a carbon copy of another’s. I do not want to be remembered by my photographs alone. I want to create an impact, a movement that will spiral upward and beyond my earth years.

Creation is an immense power we humans have. I intend to use mine fully, daily, in every way I possibly can.

How about you?

Life is About Creating Yourself © March 3, 2014 | Annie Zalezsak


A Different Language

I’ve spent sixteen years plus trying to manifest my desires and have just realised that in all the 30-odd years prior to this, I never once used the word ‘manifest’.

The books I read, written by authors from other countries, all use this word. Because I was interested in self-development, I also used this word. But the truth is, unconsciously, it never did sit well with me and I would usually end up disappointed if what I wanted didn’t materialise.

I have a copy of  ‘The Secret’. I have read many books on “the law of attraction”. I have even taught positive thinking and using visualisation to create your dream. But, not until yesterday did I realise that the reason I could not ‘manifest’ was not because I didn’t believe, in the normal sense, or not even because I could not see it or feel it but because – purely and simply – I never had an innate sense of the word ‘manifest’!

Now, when I supplement it with a word that I do know (a word I have used throughout my life), I can see how I have achieved the things I set out to, and from that can achieve the thing I next aim to. Simple! All I have to do is use the word I know, the word I expereince the world with. That word is ‘create’.

I create all that I have. I create all that I am. I create all that I want. This is my word. This is my language. From this, I make sense of my world.

Sixteen years seems a long time to be studying something before I got to this understanding. I wonder what other things I have spent so much time on in life before I could see?

Before you take one more step, check in with yourself. Check in to your real language, you real thoughts and your real beliefs. After all, if we have not truly experienced something for ourselves, can we actually say that we ‘know’ it? Can we really resonate with it?
What are you following that somewhere inside of you does not feel real, does not feel authentic and does not feel YOU?