Value of a Smile

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Smiling costs nothing; but it’s value is enormous. Scientifically, it releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. It can lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Smiling makes us feel better emotionally. It elevates mood, uplifts our perspective, and invites the return of a smile from another. A smile can be a gateway to connection with anyone who sees our smile.

When you smile at someone, you acknowledge and validate their presence. This is a powerful feeling for participants in a smile-exchange. A shared smile expresses kindness, empathy, gratitude, and love.

It feels good to smile and there is evidence to support it offers benefits to health and longevity. Even if someone doesn’t notice you’re smiling at them, on some level, they’re receiving that smile-blessing.

Smile often. It’s good for the world!

Value of a Smile © November 11, 2015 | Annie Zalezsak


Vibrant Communication

I have always believed it. I even occasionally (unknowingly) practiced it. Mentally, I played with it. Now, it is becoming a new way life. Communicating on the level of vibration is a deeper – much deeper – way of connection with ‘others’ and the ‘One’. This powerful expanded space is a delicious exchange, an interaction of light, a profound insight. It is a way of tapping into Source.

Whatever you are giving your attention to is already vibrating. And when you give your attention to it, if you maintain your focus for as little as 17 seconds, you begin to include its vibration, whatever it is, in your vibration. When you see something you want, and you give it your attention, and you say yes to it, you are including whatever its vibration is in your vibration. When you see something you do not want, and you shout no at it, you are including whatever its vibration is in your vibration. In this vibrational world, which is everything, you are far more vibrational beings than you are verbal beings. You are communicating with everyone far more on a vibrational basis, than you are on a verbal basis.

— Abraham (Abraham-Hicks), Portland, OR on Sunday, July 11th, 1999

As someone who has made their living up until now as a visual communicator (through graphic design), awareness of this added dimension brings a plethora of possibilities to recreate a whole new life pathway.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I choose to remain an expectant observer, listener, sensor.

Vibrant Communication © March 7, 2011 | Annie Zalezsak