Lazy Days

The last week or so has been full of activity. My mind has been whirring away, full of ideas about the next thing on the path of my life. I’ve been making contacts, revising websites, developing pages, sending out CVs; basically staying up all night doing anything and everything I can think of to generate some action for my future.

Many of us feel guilty taking time out. Like the world will stop spinning if we don’t keep going at some (albeit fruitless) activity. So we drive ourselves onward, even if it’s wasted energy.

Now, I do believe everyone should have at least one Lazy Day per week. A lazy day is when you don’t do anything much in particular. You can catch up on chatting with friends, or read a good book. You can watch TV or nap all day. It’s doing whatever you want and feel like doing, but it’s centred around rest, or moving at a slow, un-hurried pace.

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It’s just… well… making the time for it!

Today, my world has conspired to enforce upon me, a Lazy Day. It is dreary and raining. Steady and heavy. The clouds are ominous. You know if you step out even for a minute, you’ll be soaked to the skin. The jammies are ever so comfortable and feel ‘right’ to remain on till afternoon, at which time you’ll contemplate whether it’s worth bothering, or more appropriate to remain puttering in your dressing gown till bedtime.

Lazy days are the epitome of luxury. So, abandon the chaos. Enter the stillness. Allow laziness to recharge your batteries. It heals the body. It soothes the mind. It brings peace to your Self, and that brings out your Beauty.

You don’t need an excuse, but Sunday rain is a good one. Indulge!

Lazy Days © June 12, 2011 | Annie Zalezsak


3 thoughts on “Lazy Days

  1. Jacqueline Cullen 12 June 2011 / 5:28 pm

    Lazy days, aaaahhhh! I love them. I like to get up in the morning, make my coffee, go out into the garden (English weather permitting) and listen to the birds and the morning stillness. Wonderful… just how every Monday morning should be!

  2. sn0wy45 12 June 2011 / 5:48 pm

    I totally agree with the lazy day idea. All too often people are caught up in the feeling that they should be doing something productive. It is the stillness in between those times that are important to everyone. Sometimes you can become your own prisoner. You are the only one in control of your own mind. Other people try to influence you and control you even, as it boosts their ego if you comply. Always remember that you are the one in control of yourself. You cannot be controlled or influenced if you understand that your ideas are unique and special and that you are strong. You should try to get in touch with you inner being and you can only do this by having lazy days, days of meditation, listening to music, listening to the rain, taking a walk in the countryside and looking at nature, taking a drive to the sea and watching the waves. Being in tune with nature is a sure given thing that puts your life in perspective. Let your worries go, charge up your batteries,and carry on with the knowledge that you are unique and special in this world.

  3. Annie Zed 12 June 2011 / 6:01 pm

    Well said, Jacqui and snOwy45! Have a wonderful Lazy Day, as and when you choose to!

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