Master of Your Destiny

No one else can live your life. You are the Captain of your ship, the Master of your destiny. Before you set sail, be sure you know where you are heading. Plot your course accordingly, even if you can’t see it, it is there just on the horizon. Even when you have no energy for things, you have energy… you cannot not have it, you would be dead otherwise. Perhaps you are already dead… dead to the old way of being, and if this is so, say “goodbye” and dream a new dream, a new life. For after all, no one else can dream your dream, or live your life. It is in your hands… so go now, go grab it with a blind faith in yourself that all will be well!!!


2 thoughts on “Master of Your Destiny

  1. Jacqueline Fretwell 19 May 2011 / 11:32 pm

    Reaching 50

    Well, I have reached the age of 50 and have to say that I am not sad. There are a lot of memories, some good and some bad, but it is what happens in your life usually from the people you meet that helps mould your destiny. Where has the time gone? Much has happened, lots to look back on, but more importantly lots to look forward to.
    I feel that I have learnt many lessons in life and one of the lessons I have learnt is that it is so important to communicate truthfully in a way that will not hurt with the people that you have chosen to include in your life.
    I have also learnt that to live happily you must have love in your heart. Open your heart and do not be fearful as to be otherwise you are only half living.

    As far as how I feel, I feel more alive now than I ever have. The worries that I had as a young woman have disappeared and I feel lucky to be alive. Every day I thank the universe for another day and wonder what the day may bring.

    At the age of 50 – I am happy:)


    • Jacqueline Cullen 19 May 2011 / 11:45 pm

      Well said Jacqui. We learn so much about ourselves through our relationship with others, and like you my greatest lesson has been to live and speak with integrity, to speak my truth from a place of love. When we speak from this perspective, we cannot fail to be heard. There is no judgement or critcism, just love and compassion.

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