A Different Language

I’ve spent sixteen years plus trying to manifest my desires and have just realised that in all the 30-odd years prior to this, I never once used the word ‘manifest’.

The books I read, written by authors from other countries, all use this word. Because I was interested in self-development, I also used this word. But the truth is, unconsciously, it never did sit well with me and I would usually end up disappointed if what I wanted didn’t materialise.

I have a copy of  ‘The Secret’. I have read many books on “the law of attraction”. I have even taught positive thinking and using visualisation to create your dream. But, not until yesterday did I realise that the reason I could not ‘manifest’ was not because I didn’t believe, in the normal sense, or not even because I could not see it or feel it but because – purely and simply – I never had an innate sense of the word ‘manifest’!

Now, when I supplement it with a word that I do know (a word I have used throughout my life), I can see how I have achieved the things I set out to, and from that can achieve the thing I next aim to. Simple! All I have to do is use the word I know, the word I expereince the world with. That word is ‘create’.

I create all that I have. I create all that I am. I create all that I want. This is my word. This is my language. From this, I make sense of my world.

Sixteen years seems a long time to be studying something before I got to this understanding. I wonder what other things I have spent so much time on in life before I could see?

Before you take one more step, check in with yourself. Check in to your real language, you real thoughts and your real beliefs. After all, if we have not truly experienced something for ourselves, can we actually say that we ‘know’ it? Can we really resonate with it?
What are you following that somewhere inside of you does not feel real, does not feel authentic and does not feel YOU?

4 thoughts on “A Different Language

  1. Annie Zed 19 April 2011 / 12:01 pm

    This is a great message. I think some people find manifesting or creating is a challenge, like you say, just because they have assigned (or not assigned) meanings to those words, and those words just don’t link in with that particular concept.

    For example, I know people who have issues with the word ‘create’ because they associate it with creativity, equalling ‘art’. They are convinced that a lack of talent makes them unable to create. So, for them, others words may be ‘make’, ‘action’, ‘achieve’. Every person will have their own take on those words, too.

    The important thing that you pointed out though, Jacqui, is that if someone is at a standstill in ‘manifesting’, then perhaps the key is to find a word that really feels right to them, and use that instead.

  2. Jacqueline Cullen 19 April 2011 / 12:10 pm

    I feel that this is so true in all areas of our lives. To find what ‘fits’ with you is the key to a fulfilled life. Just like you would want to be in a job that fits your personality, so too would you want to be in relationship with a world that fits your personality.

  3. CZ 29 April 2011 / 10:34 am

    It’s funny because I was using the word create so often that manifest started to become interchangeable after seeing the frequent use of it by various authors. But only after I had not used the word manifest and felt the word create as being more aligned to Truth, and so I was only using it. Manifest came back into my use when referring to things I was pulling into my reality, yet create I would say more deeply describes the process. I think manifest for me would be for things I create, or situations, or results. Results. There it is, manifest feels closer to the result itself, while create is the process itself. When I started using the word manifest, less than a month ago now, it was after I read this sign at someone’s desk saying: “Awareness (new thoughts) is 1% manifestation, and Vibrational Alignment (expectation/belief in new thoughts) is 99% manifestation.” It was critical at the time when it was a confirmation of how important the role of beliefs are. Even if it takes 16 years or simply just a day to realize something doesn’t matter once we have realized it. It reminds me of a link of an Abraham-Hicks message that described that it isn’t about winning the lottery, its about how good it feels to be in vibrational alignment, well she says The Vortex, but that’s how I applied it to my own experience. I have been practicing more appreciation of the less positive experiences to help empower the idea that my time is not wasted and that I would not have learned all that I have. I would feel the appreciation of those 16 years, all the ups and downs and just sit with my favorite music and memory surf while feeling the appreciation of the journey.

  4. Jacqueline Cullen 29 April 2011 / 1:30 pm

    That is the truth, yes. Sixteen years is no time wasted, only time for me to learn what was right for me!
    But, in the moment of seeing that awareness I saw how truly important words are. What works for me may not necessarily work for others, and vice versa. I appreciate that some people find the word ‘create’ uncomfortable but whilst growing up in the UK this is the word I often heard and hence, used…not in the religious sense of Creation but one of everyday use.

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