Can You Control the Wind?

The moment I was told that I was separate from God/Source was the moment I knew lack, I knew fear, I knew good and bad!

The moment I saw the truth, I knew I was not separate from, did not lack anything or need not fear anything. For all love and light cannot be defined by a name, a concept, a belief in something that controls.

I, too, am that light, that love; yet I do not have a name. I cannot be categorized, controlled. For how can you control that without limit… you can try but you won’t succeed!

One thought on “Can You Control the Wind?

  1. Jacqui Fretwell 8 March 2011 / 4:42 pm

    I can really associate with this post. Since being in tune with my inner spirit and accepting the universal love that is there if we choose to see it, I at last feel in control of my own destiny. There was such a long period in my life when I allowed myself to be controlled by my loved ones’ wishes and found myself to be so stressed most of the time trying to please everyone, trying my best to make everyone happy, that I lost myself, my own identity. I now at last have realised that however hard you try it is impossible to make everyone happy as they are only as happy as they choose to be and peoples true happiness can only shine through when you allow them to be who they truly are and whether you choose to be part of that is up to you. It is important in life to allow others their freedom, without trying to control them, for are you not doing this for selfish reasons. This is true love.

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