Are You New Here?

As I was sitting here contemplating what to write, I saw  “Are you new here?” written in the help box for those new to blogging. It got me thinking about life…

Sometimes I feel as though I have been around forever. I feel as though I know so much, that I have experienced and learnt so very much. Yet, as time goes on, I realise that I know so little and that perhaps I will never know the truth of everything. Maybe I don’t need to, and that is fine. Many times when I come across difficult situations, times when I have felt out of my depth, I do feel as though I ‘am new here’. Never having had the experience and therefore never having had to find a solution to it, it has been quite unsettling.

But, in the far reaches of my being, in that place where peace and wisdom dwells, I am able to find the truth in all things. In this place it doesn’t matter if I am new here. In this place where the ALL THAT IS is, I feel as old as time itself.

2 thoughts on “Are You New Here?

  1. Annie Zed 22 February 2011 / 1:44 pm

    I think there are always situations in which we feel like we are ‘new here’. Any moment when we step slightly out of our comfort zone, is an opportunity to be new. Being new can be a good thing. It can mean reinvention! Being old, or accustomed to a situation and environment, gives a feeling of safety, security and comfort.

    The sweet dichotomy is living balanced between both new and old. So we learn and grow with confidence and clarity.

  2. Jacqui Cullen 22 February 2011 / 1:53 pm

    I guess it’s all part of that ‘flow’ again! When we live in this flow nothing is old and in every moment new thought, new ways of being and new creation is found!

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